Caring for the health of children is the direct responsibility of their parents

Modern medicine in its development has leaped forward. Doctors are available a variety of drugs, technologies, equipment and medical consumables. This allows them to fight even with those diseases, which until a few decades ago it was considered hopeless. In such conditions even more conscious refusal of some moms and dads from skilled care doctors.

Moreover, it is easy to understand parents who prefer to treat mild childhood diseases traditional methods, without the use of synthetic drugs. You can understand those who are enemies of frequent use of antibiotics. Absolutely understandable behaviors of those adults who consciously suitable for vaccination of children interested in the quality of the input and refuses vaccination in case of doubt, the total reduction in the immunity of the baby.

But in its quest for a healthy lifestyle, some moms and dads refuse any medical procedures, even when those are necessary. Mothers give birth to their children at home in the bathroom, referring to the positive experience of their ancestors, somehow forgetting, about extremely high infant and maternal mortality in those "happy times" when women got rid of the burden in the field."

Today, any manipulation of the child is carried out with the consent of his parents or those who replace them. Do I need to enter the baby nourishing probe or to make a shot, mom, dad or legal guardian must write to Express their agreement or disagreement.

The same is true for vaccinations. That is why in our country today, so many boys and girls, never went through the procedure of vaccination. Pre-school educational institutions and schools do not have the right to refuse to accept such children, and so it turns out that today in a Grand experiment involved not only the staunchest opponents of vaccination, but also those who are not is.

Of course, every parent has the right to decide whether to do the mandatory child vaccinations or not. But why, then, violated the rights of those moms and dads who believe that children are not subjected to vaccination, pose a potential threat to the health of their children? Apparently, representing the interests of these parents, Gennady Onishchenko, in January 2011, proposed to deprive the Russian mothers right to refuse vaccination.

And all because today these parents are becoming more and more. This phenomenon has long been in the nature of mass. In the past, it was due to vaccination civilized world could overcome many dangerous diseases. What got humanity from vaccinations, know everything. What will become of him without them - remains to be seen.

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