Caring for long hair in autumn

Autumn is the time to take care of the hair, because most of all they suffer in the summer. Faded from swimming in chlorinated or salt water, subjected to torture from the merciless wind and solar radialiy, curls in the summer quite dehydrated. Do not deny the strands of hair care, including restoring them at home. The more that they have the same (summer) difficult period in winter.

The hairdresser

You have a long hair and you don't think you need to visit the salon? At the same time to improve the condition of hair, you need to visit the hairdresser every 6 to 8 weeks. But as is often the case, the resistance of this period of time often goes beyond the norm.

But actually, such a simple procedure as cutting the damaged ends clearly improves their health. Hair shinier, better nourished. And as a consequence there is no problem of frequent conditioning, whose task is to "tin" the ends.

Less but better

Known to frequent washing strands are not very useful for their health. If you still can't lengthen the time between successive shampooing, try sometimes to apply dry shampoo. This in itself should limit the amount of shampoo to help restore long hair's natural protective layer and restore lost moisture.

Hair like butter

Best gift for strands, of course, the treatment in the salon, but if you don't have neither time nor money, you would do well with this at home.

Do a mask once a week which must include olive oil, honey and egg yolk. The necessary moisture for the hair will already be provided. Rejuvenating mask with such ingredients like argan (which in the cosmetic industry was referred to as the "Golden oil" and "the gold of Morocco") will return your long hair elasticity, volume and a silky Shine. You will enjoy healthy, shiny curls

Here's another affordable easy treatment and hair restoration in the home: remove vitamin E, punctures 5 capsules, mix it with 50 ml of olive oil, thoroughly mixed, a little heat. Warm the mixture, apply all over the hair. Wrap head with a towel. Rinse after 30 minutes and wash your hair.

Stimulation massage

In the absence of time is another valuable home treatment. Combing the scalp massage brush. This simple manipulation stimulates circulation in the scalp, removes old keratin cells and dirt, evenly distributes the strands natural protective grease sebum.

Make is brushing with a natural bristle brush relaxing ritual before "bed mode" for a restful sleep. The rhythmic motion of the brush head will not only remove dust and dead hair, but will be useful as a relaxation and meditation before going to sleep.

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