Caring for dental implants

Implants, like natural teeth, require regular and high-quality care. The belief that artificial surface cannot be pulpitis or caries is considered to be erroneous.

Of course, caries is not growing on the implant, but there is a considerable risk of trouble with periodontal, namely with the tissues that surround the tooth. Thus, we must conclude that the dental care implants should be better than usual care for their own teeth.

Proper cleaning of implants

As with natural teeth, implants need twice a day to clean with a toothbrush and toothpaste. It is necessary to clear the protruding parts, namely suprastructures, the lower part of the artificial tooth and the gum.

The consequence of poor hygiene are deposits on the tooth crowns. To clean the implants can be any brushes (electric or classical) with a soft bristle brush. Also we should not forget Mizuno space for cleansing which requires special interdental and beam brush.

The procedure for cleaning:

• the surface of the teeth cleaned gentle circular movements, while lightly massaging the gums;

• artificial teeth clear of plaque, performing movements with the brush up and down;

• movement-like panicle, clean the inner part of the implants.

Use floss

Effective cleaning of implants are considered floss (special dental floss). You can also use superfloss, purify implants and other similar structures. Such strands are thick, they better penetrate into hard to reach areas, removing plaque and leftover food in the interdental spaces.

The use of irrigators

If in the oral cavity are bridges or crowns on implants, the irrigator is an indispensable means of hygiene. It effectively removes food debris from interdental spaces, travelling to remote places. These tools stimulate the soft tissues of the periodontium, significantly improves the circulation and trophic what is required when installing dental implants.

Periodic visits to the hygienist

A specialist should be contacted at least once every six months. The hygienist performs professional handling of the oral cavity and implants installed.

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If you follow all the rules for the care of artificial teeth, they will be no worse than natural and will last much longer, perhaps throughout life.

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