Caries - preventing the emergence of

Modern man in a large number of uses in food rich in carbohydrates and sugar foods. This inevitably leads to duplication in the mouth bacteria that destroy tooth enamel and cause tooth decay. The pathological process of tooth decay is caused by the influence of the metabolic products of these microorganisms.

Today to find a person not suffering from this dental disease is practically impossible. To combat tooth decay is not possible. If the tooth is damaged, nothing can be done, is the redevelopment and filling holes. Caries is best treated at an early stage, as the treatment of deep caries painful and long. It is possible that want the destruction of nerve and cleaning of the canal, which is quite painful.

In a timely manner to prevent the occurrence of this disease is not as difficult as it seems. Healthy teeth and a beautiful smile is enough reason not to neglect the simple rules of hygiene of an oral cavity, adhere to a balanced diet and regularly visit your dentist.

The main problem is that no matter what modern was not a toothbrush to remove food particles and acid from the entire surface of the tooth is unrealistic. Places where these contaminants are potential zones of the formation of caries. The use of dental floss and elixir for rinsing after every meal helps greatly to solve the problem.

The most sensitive part of the tooth is barely covered by the gums and root surface. There's enamel is the most thin and easily subjected to demineralization. If the gums are not firmly attached, the probability of carious lesions in this area has grown significantly.

Eating solid food, especially apples sour varieties promotes the natural removal of plaque from all contact surfaces, including between teeth. But the number of sweets, candies, chocolate and drinks with syrups better to minimize, as described above, the bacteria live and eat such products.

The diet have to include products containing calcium and fluoride: fish, cheese, milk, yogurt and so on. In the offseason, is not superfluous intake of vitamins and minerals that will not only help in the prevention of dental caries, but also will strengthen the whole body.

Oddly enough, but choosing a toothbrush is better to choose a synthetic bristles, since the bacteria that cause caries do not live and reproduce, unlike natural. Replacing such an important subject of hygiene is required every two to three months, so buy too expensive brush is not rational.

The need for frequent visits to the doctor due to the fact that dental caries is detected at an early stage of development, requires minimal drilling holes and installing more invisible fillings. The risk of loss of tooth is also reduced. Also, the specialist can give useful advice on choosing toothpaste and other oral care mouth.

To maintain a beautiful and healthy teeth for years to come is quite real, the main thing to aim and with great care to follow specific guidelines.

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