Caries - causes and prevention

I guess almost everyone knows what caries and certainly the vast majority encountered him on my own experience. As a rule, all that we know about this ugly disease is what ruined the enamel and therefore the teeth look so sad. Let's see, what actually is caries, why it occurs, and most importantly, how to deal with it.

It all starts with the fact that the teeth of improper care. As a result, the teeth are not able to resist the damaging action of solid food, Smoking, coffee, etc. Because the enamel has no time to recover from damage, it is destroyed, losing the minerals that build. In subsequent collapse and a deeper layer of enamel, and the deeper layers of the tooth tissue. If the teeth are not treated at this stage, then formed those "holes", i.e., the cavity in the tooth and the development of complications from the side of the gums. It should be noted that the decay is dangerous not only because of broken teeth, and in the early stages it is quite imperceptibly, but also by the fact that caries is a chronic infection, which theoretically can play a very negative role in the development of complications such as sepsis.

If you say that somehow leads to the development of caries, it is necessary to note the following: dental plaque, the bacteria reaches the rapid development and all the products of their activities severely damage the tooth enamel. Not to say that among the reasons it is difficult to single out any one. But we must bear in mind that meets the susceptibility of tissues to the development of caries.

In order to avoid tooth decay, you should understand that the advice of dentists based not on an empty place. Rinse your mouth, brushing your teeth, use strings, use chewing gum is necessary in order to reduce the concentration of acids and protect the teeth. Prevention is impossible without the right kind of toothpaste with fluoride. Also, you should not abuse bleaching pastes because they additionally injure the enamel. Also important is the choice of the toothbrush. Because we understand that if you use a brush too hard bristles, can be quite badly hurt gums. If still caries could not be avoided, you should not exacerbate the situation, modern dentistry can easily and painlessly to cure.

Remember from my childhood: "don't eat so much sweet, teeth ruin?" Then we thought it was just the adults are so afraid. Actually, sugar is a substrate for bacteria, and they, as we have seen, produce acids that destroy the enamel.

And, perhaps most important, you should not miss doses at the dentist.

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