Career growth is beneficial to the state of the heart

As shown by the results of the study 4 thousand 700 people, people who work in organizations with prospects for further career growth, 20 percent were less likely to suffer heart disease over a 15-year period of observations, reported The Telegraph.

Moreover, the talk here is not about the fact that the medium is initially the most healthy and, accordingly, successful people indicators of disease are many times lower.

Michael Anderson of the University of California and Michael marmot, Professor of epidemiology University College in London emphasize the positive impact of career growth by itself.

In the past 2011, by the way, the study was conducted, which was dedicated to government workers in England. Research has proven that people with serious diseases, acquired in childhood, the service is much less promoted. But success in any way to health is not affected.

Results of the single scientific research suggests that people who are happy owners of Oscar and the Nobel prize, live a little longer than nominees. In all circumstances, according to Marmot, people that are on higher positions boasts the best health.

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