Care tips for oily hair

Every girl dreams that her hair was like silk, care for which will be limited to the use of a good shampoo. But in the life of such desire to embody impossible, especially for oily hair.

The first tool used by women who are struggling with oily Shine - frequent shampooing. But such a procedure is not useful, even if you use a shampoo for oily hair. This is because when frequent washing of the head of the sebaceous glands start to work in double mode, trying to maintain a healthy condition of the scalp.

So that cleaning was complete and correct, you need to use tools which include lemon juice, whey, buttermilk or yogurt and fruit juice.

Immediately after shampooing, you can rinse your head with vinegar water, you can add the cranberry juice, lemon or orange. If fruit is not at hand, you can use ½ tablespoons plain or Apple cider vinegar added to a liter of water.

Perfectly absorbs excess oil from hair gels, mousses and sprays for hair: oily sheen will be less and the hair is easier to comb and longer to save the volume. But in addition to gels, you can apply a hair dye, which in moderation can dry the hair, removing the excess Shine, giving them a more aesthetic appearance. It is advisable to use natural dyes henna or ash. The main thing is the correct color and paint quality.

Will help in the fight against oily hair decoction of herbs: nettle, oak bark or mint. Herbs are astringent, nourish hair, oasiria them.

It is known that harm the hair dryer, but oily hair sometimes drying with a hair dryer even useful, especially if you apply a jet of air of low temperature. But hot irons to use is still not worth it: hot temperatures are harmful for any type of hair.

Therefore, each procedure of hair washing should take place according to the following plan: to prepare water of moderate temperature, then wash your hair with cool water. Hair wet towel and immediately apply selected according to the type of hair styling product. Such events give your hair roughness, which will not allow fat to be distributed throughout the length. The next day after washing the scalp should be rubbed into the hair roots infusion of nettle with the addition of fruit juice or vinegar.

The most important thing in the care of oily hair - moderation and timeliness: it is not necessary to try all means at the same time.

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