Cardiologists told, what is the difference between symptoms of heart attack in men and women

A manifestation of the classic symptoms of a heart attack for the most part peculiar to men, in connection with which the fair sex are sometimes not even aware that they are at risk. These conclusions were reached cardiologists from the United States.

Thus, the results revealed that about one-third of women who have developed acute coronary syndrome (it is a condition caused by the fact that aggravated ischemic heart disease) do not experience any sensation of heaviness in the chest, which is typical when a person is in preinfarction condition.

Also doctors say that even if you experience pain in the heart she is not as strong as the one experienced in such cases men.

In this regard, according to the cardiologist Erica Schwartz, women often accompanies the risk of setting the wrong diagnosis, resulting in a heart attack can transfer them on my feet.

The specialist told about non-obvious symptoms that distinguish women. Among them she talked about back pain, anxious feeling, pain in the jaw and hands, shortness of breath, runny nose.

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