Cardiologists: people with heart disease shows a session of classical music

Listening to classical music may have different effects on the heart muscle. This is indicated by the results of the experiment, experts from the University of Bochum. They proved that Mozart's music slightly reduces blood pressure, and Strauss – reduces heart rate and biomarkers of stress. Other interesting discoveries in the field of cardiology says the publication DNA India.

The experiment involved 120 volunteers from among the students. The first group was offered in a quiet environment to listen to classical music. The second group was also in serenity, but in complete silence. The first group was further divided into three subgroups: one listened to Mozart, other - Strauss, and others – pop group ABBA. During the experimental session, the volunteers measured blood pressure, pulse rate and indicators of cortisol (stress hormone).

Scientists have noticed that listening to classical music overall has had a calming effect on people. Popular motifs did not work. Note that in the control group, the pressure also decreased. It happened because of the atmosphere. However, the results were more modest.

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