Cardio workouts: how to do

What is kardiologische you can guess from the name. This is a workout for the heart. It is a continuous work of this body gives life to the whole body. That he was strong, strong, healthy and robust, you need to come to practice at home cardio workout and loads in the hall.

How to organize a training session?

Before you can proceed with the cardio work, you need to spend 5-10 minutes warming up warming up. If it be neglected, then the load will be a real blow to the cardiovascular system, and instead of the expected health effect, will only bring problems.

Cardio workouts is, first of all, rhythm and speed. But don't fanatically to approach the process. Too intense and prolonged exercise can lead to muscle wasting, including the heart. Many believe the training is successful if after barely move his legs. But actually, aerobic training should invigorate and energize. Quite valid 1-, 2-day breaks between workouts. Optimally perform cardiopatia 3 times a week. The duration of such training should not exceed half an hour.

What types of sports and exercises suitable for cardcrisereward?

It is important that the pulse was frequent, up to 80 beats per minute. So are suitable for any load associated with a rapid, rhythmic movements. You can go Jogging. A half-hour daily Jogging will allow you to keep the tone the muscles and have a great impact on the heart.

There is an opportunity to join the pool? Excellent! The different types of swimming strengthens the heart muscle, gives the figure of a slender and graceful. Also builds the capacity of the lungs, stimulates the circulation. Brisk walking, climbing stairs, riding a bike are all good methods of cardio training. Fit yoga, Boxing or step aerobics at the fitness club.

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But don't give up, if there is no opportunity to attend such an institution. You can buy a special home treadmill and exercise, when she has spare time. Of course, the effect of such "natural" training is not at the highest level. But if a little to systematize lessons, it is possible to achieve good results.

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