Cardio improves brain

Load on a treadmill or stationary bike at a young age are an excellent choice. They help to protect the tissue of the brain and preserve youthfulness of mind. Ideal Jogging, swimming and bicycling, writes the BBC.

During cardio, it is useful to monitor the process of absorption of oxygen by the muscles. This factor is one of the most important to maintain the health of the body.

Data scientists have found during research involving three thousand healthy volunteers. The average age of participants was 25 years. Each of the volunteers had to run twice: at a young age and 20 years. It was required to cover the greatest possible distance. To stay had the appearance of a strong dyspnea or fatigue. Next, the researchers assessed the ability of volunteers to thinking.

The researchers found that the most hardy people had the most agile mind. Their cognitive abilities were much better. The most positive indicators scientists registered in the group of volunteers, the indices of runs in which for 20 years has not changed.

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