Cardio - do right

Essentially cardio workouts are physical exercises, which causes an increase in heart rate up to 80 percent above the maximum. According to experts, cardio workouts should be present in any physical exercises. Thanks to them, burned the extra weight and increased muscle tone. When kardionevrozy observed enhanced activity of the cardio-vascular system. With these exercises you will be able to improve heart function and prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease in the future. So, cardio workouts help to burn excess fat, strengthen the heart muscle, reducing the risk of heart attacks, lower cholesterol. In addition, cardiopatia help fight insomnia and effective in stressful situations.

Training will be more effective if half an hour you dedicate to cardioneurosis. There are several types of exercise equipment for cardio workouts is treadmills, ellipse and led equipment.

Sessions on the elliptical trainer. Elliptical trainer combines a stepper and a treadmill. Training on this simulator are simulating walking or Biking. During this movement of the pedals forms an elliptical trajectory. One hour of training is lost is burned approximately 720 calories. Due to this trainer work all muscle groups. You can go on the ellipse, even with a low level of training. In addition, when you exercise on an elliptical trainer there is no risk of damage to the joints. Don't forget that before cardio, you need to perform warm-up and stretching.

The second trainer is a well-known exercise bike, which is a simulator of the bike. The bike is suitable for people of any age, people with a good physical preparation and beginners in this business. These machines are of different kinds (belt, friction, magnetic, electromagnetic).

In cardio training also includes training on the treadmill. The treadmill is a simulator, with which you can run, while remaining in one place. You can choose an appropriate pace. So it was not so boring, the simulator can be put next to the TV. During practice, try to keep your back straight and abdominal muscles in tension - only with proper posture, you will achieve the positive effect.

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