Carbohydrates increase the risk of depression – scientists

Refined carbohydrates from white bread and rice can affect mental health, say scientists. Carbohydrates are "fast" and "slow". First quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and creates a high concentration of glucose. If the body does not have time to cope with it, experience side effects, including behavioral problems, depression. About it writes The Daily Mail.

Physicians often use the glycemic index of the product. This is a 100-point system, the more processed the product, the more it is available for rapid digestion, the higher the index.

The researchers analyzed information on the health status of 70 thousand postmenopausal women. They found an excess of "fast" carbohydrates increases the likelihood of developing depression.

The diet should be balanced in proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Note that "fast" carbohydrates (chocolate, cakes, white bread) needed by the body. They give an instant supply of vital energy. About the "slow" carbohydrates from cereals, durum wheat to forget is not worth it. They form the energy depot, which provides a gradual supply of glucose in the blood.

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