Candy-deodorant - replacing the usual perfume

The American company has mastered production and began selling unique and unusual sweets. If people would eat them, it will assume a pleasant floral fragrance. The emission of odor occurs through the pores, and the effect of an adult person weighing 65 kg lasts about six hours.

The release of deodorant with a pleasant smell, named Deo Perfume Candy, organized by company Beneo with the participation of Bulgarian companies Alpi. According to Beneo, with absolute safety for health innovation has the ability to replicate the effect, shown by some foods, such as garlic. The similarity of efficiency due to the fact that the food system does not break candy, weathering is skin pores.

The composition of edible deodorant is completely harmless, its main ingredient is a natural compound present in plants. Natural sources of these elements can be lavender, vanilla, rose. The production of such candy-deodorant provided with different flavor combinations at the cost of the box about ten dollars.

Moreover, the famous Dutch firm Swallowable Parfum decided to develop a similar product, could thus affect sweating, to cause the emission of a person's unique genetic aroma. It is difficult to say whether this discovery success, but of great interest to similar developments in foreign countries are already visible.

In fact, "Know-How" in edible deodorant is missing, as Japanese scientists have already reported on the allocation of the relationship between consumption of geraniol with the appearance of a pleasant scent, which is released by the body when using geraniol. The result of the discovery was the production of chewing gum with a similar action, the duration of which does not exceed 1-2 hours.

It is well known the effect of consuming food the smell produced by the body. For example, the strong smell of garlic cause the elements formed by the decomposition of allicin, which is part of this same product. It is the presence of these elements explains the secret flavoring.

In a number of aromatic substances includes cumin contains aromatic compounds, weathering which occurs with perspiration. The consumption of these substances in large quantities enhances their effect.

Asparagus is able to emit odorous substance known as methyl mercaptan, which is excreted urinary and sweat system.

Moreover, the Czech research, conducted in 2006, established the excretion of men, fed meats, stronger and less pleasant smell than the body vegetarians.

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