Candidiasis diagnosis, types and treatment

Under candidiasis is to understand a specific disease in which the skin and mucous membranes affected by a fungus called Candida. This fungus belongs to the conditional-pathogenic microflora. The main site of lesion are:

- the oral cavity;

- genitals.

If the immunity is strong, there is every chance that the reproduction of the fungus will be impossible, but unhealthy people the chance to defeat the fungus is not excluded. From the foregoing, it becomes clear what is candidiasis diagnosis, types and treatment, we offer you to learn a little lower.

There are two types of candidiasis: oral and vaginal shape. The first type occurs mostly in infants, can also be men after unprotected sexual intercourse with an affected candidiasis woman. But vaginal form is purely a women's disease, which can occur at any age.

Unlike popular opinion about what to diagnose candidiasis is possible only by means of the smear from the infected mucosa, increasingly began to use PCR diagnostics. This laboratory diagnosis includes:

- polymerase chain reaction;

- microscopy;

- enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay;

- culture diagnosis.

During treatment of candidiasis you first need to undergo a series of tests to specialist managed the ideal way to find all effective drugs. This is very important, because the genus of the fungus Candida has more than 80 representatives, because there is a risk that the treatment will be ineffective. Which will not only unnecessary costs, but also lost time on the restoration of health. To treat the disease at home, for it is simply impossible, as the only competent medical therapy with a competent matched by the means of traditional medicine will contribute to the recovery.

So home treatment for candidiasis is unacceptable, and folk remedies are effective only in conjunction with proper medication.

As a rule, experts prescribe anti-fungal creams and suppositories and vaginal tablets. This treatment will get rid of the disease after 6-7 days. In order to ensure complete recovery, treatment must be repeated.

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