Cancer treated better in the US than in Russia

These are the conclusions of scientists at a conference on breast cancer. Expert in the field of breast cancer, chief oncologist of Russia Mikhail Davydov informed scientific community: Russian science have something to aim for. The effectiveness of treatment of cancer in our country two times lower than in the United States.

In America the figure is 95%. In Russia heal only 50% of newly diagnosed tumors. This is due to lack of adequate funding area that does not allow time to determine cancer. In addition, new drugs, which are commonly used in the United States, in Russia is not yet available.

One of the main problems in Oncology is the late diagnosis of the disease. People often do not pay your health proper attention. So, breast cancer in one quarter of cases is determined only at very late stages, when the chances to help people minimum.

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Mikhail Davydov notes: the Russian doctors have enough knowledge and experience. They only lack the equipment and medicines.

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