Cancer threat of mobile phones declined

Quite a lot of research stated in its conclusions that the mobile phone has carcinogenic activity and intensive use can cause brain cancer. BBC news, referring to the published work of the Institute of cancer epidemiology in Denmark, has published the news about the security of mobile "friends" of modern man.

As shown by a study conducted on more than 350,000 people use mobile phone for 18 years - there is no connection between talking on the cell phone and cancer of the brain.

"The obtained results are powerful evidence that mobile phone use does not increase the risk of brain cancer or cancer of the Central nervous system in adults," said hazel Nunn, head of research.

Despite this, experts who believe that the intensive use of mobile phone may carry a risk of increasing the incidence of cancer, although to date it has not received evidence-based clinical database. The health Department continues to insist on limiting the usage of mobile communications, especially adolescents under 16 years of age. If there is a need for calls, physicians are asked to reduce their duration.

"The results clearly show no carcinogenic properties of mobile communication, although there are some important limitations," said Malcolm Sperrin, Director of medical physics Royal hospital.

The fact that the researchers did not take into account the varieties of cancer is brain cancer, and the study was excluded corporate customers of mobile operators, who are businessmen and more intensive use of the mobile phone.

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