Cancer the disease can cause infertility treatment in youth

Women who have undergone IVF in a very young age, in the issue of breast cancer are at risk. About this warns Louise Stewart from the University of Western Australia, investigating more than 21 thousands of women. However, it is likely that still not ECO causes cancer, and any other external factors, notes Reuters.

The study involved women in the age category from 20 to 40 years, which have passed through the procedure of infertility treatment in the years 1983-2002. The collected results allowed us to monitor their health for about 16 years. Thus, a total of 1.7 per cent of women who took the drugs to improve ovarian, but not held itself IVF, to the completion of the study had cancer. If drugs women were accepted, and was conducted IVF, in this case, the figure was increased about 2 percent.

Moreover, if the medication was started at the age of 24, and that was followed by IVF, the risk of breast cancer was increased by 56% in comparison with the figures of those those drugs were taken, but after the IVF procedure is not passed. But in women aged 40 years, the increased risk was not observed.

The reason for this pattern may be due to this factor, the young women have to deal with the high concentration of estrogen during IVF cycles. And cancer of the breast is in many respects connected with this hormone. At the same time, it is possible that infertility at an early age became a reason for certain abnormalities associated with cancer.

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