Cancer risk doubles after organ transplantation

According to a study by researchers from the cancer Institute of the USA in Rockville in patients undergoing organ transplantation, the risk of the 32 forms of cancer is doubled. Immediately after transplant cancer risk equal to only 0.7 percent, but it increases during the year after surgery.

Although transplantation is one of the most successful medical advances in the treatment of people with severe lesions, the effects of such operations may be heavy, not only in terms of rehabilitation.

In 2010 in the United States was held on 30 thousands of organ transplants, half of these operations accounted for transplant, then the number of transplants are the liver, lungs and heart. After transplantation, the immune system of the recipient is suppressed by drugs that he had not rejected the new organ. And suppression of the immune system increases the risk of cancer. Also located in the body of the tumor can start to grow after transplantation due to the weakening of the organism and its inability to fight viruses. A particularly dangerous situation, when a tiny tumors liver cancer or lung were not identified in the body prior to transplantation.

The incidence of cancer among the people survived transplantation, twice. Than among those who have not undergone this operation. And the incidence of cancer of the kidney, lung and liver increased among these patients, seven times. At the moment the only recommendation on avoiding the development of a tumor after surgery - quality monitoring health status to her patient and the donor.

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