Cancer is the most ancient form of life on earth, scientists believe

The cancer is similar to the treatment of bacterial infections with antibiotics. Talk about a complete disappearance of cancer in the near future, writes The Daily Mail. Cancer tends becoming more aggressive every year requires increasingly heavy drugs for its treatment. Only in 2012 in the area of innovative Oncology has invested more than $ 500 billion.

On the eve of experts from the Catholic University of Croatia found traces of cancer in ancient Hydra. Cancer is one link in the chain of evolution, scientists, its form multicellular life. The first cancer tumors grow in the bodies of ancient multicellular animals and were way further reproduction.

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At the end of last century, scientists were convinced that cancer can be defeated and wipe it off the face of the Earth. However, the current understanding of the problem became more deep and about the destruction of this group of diseases can not speak. At any time the cell can make a mistake and become cancerous.

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