Cancer, childhood, accelerates the aging process

Recent studies show that childhood cancer lead to accelerated aging of the body. As a result, in 30-40 years, one is confronted with senile diseases: memory impairment, osteoporosis, says The Australian.

Kirsten ness, author of the study, notes that currently, cancer in children is not such a rarity. This disease can be cured, but in the future the patient most likely will have problems with health. The study analyzed several cases of cancer in children in the period from 1962 to 2003. It turned out that in 30-40 years the majority of the survivors complained of memory loss, decreased strength and weakness.

In the experiment were about two thousand cases. 13.1% of women and 2.7% of men aged far from senile, faced with increased fragility of bones. It is worth noting that in the control group this pathology was not marked. Most likely, it's all in the principles of treatment. To get rid of the tumor required radiation therapy and the use of the strongest chemicals. In addition to destroying cancer cells, they negatively affect other parts of the human body. Not excluded, and the influence of genetics.

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