Cancer cells have consciousness

Scientists from tel Aviv University and Johns Hopkins University have conducted studies on the behavior of cancer cells and concluded that they behave like a colony of bacteria, that is, have a common consciousness and can take collective decisions.

Scientists have conducted a series of experiments to identify the mechanism of how cancer cells resist the antibiotics. It turned out that their opposition is quite organized, some cancer cells sense the emergence of chemicals and send to other cells signal the order to preserve the rest. When therapy ends, the cell is sent to the signal for renewed activity.

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Researchers said they found evidence that cancer cells together purposefully working to enslave healthy cells, organized to resist drugs and deceive the immune system. Today, cancer is one of the main enemies of mankind, if scientists will be able to crack the codes that communicate the cancer cells, they will be able to deprive them of the opportunity to deceive the immune system or prevent them to hide from chemical therapy.

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