Cancer can develop in any multicellular organism

German scientists have found: cancer can develop in any multicellular organism. Abnormal cell division is logged even in freshwater polyps of Hydra, writes Spain-Media, referring to the publication in the journal Nature Communication.

Until recently, experts, nothing was known about cases of cancer among the simplest multicellular. It was believed that cancer is a lot exclusively dvustoronnesimmetrichnye animals. Before tumors were found in worms, but cancer in the polyp-Hydra was a real discovery for scientists.

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The researchers in Berlin have traced the development of cancer and Pelmatohydra robusta and Hydra oligactis. These organisms consist of only two layers of cells. In cancer are multicellular education, consisting of cells of the sexual gametes. The tumor grows rapidly and can move on to a healthy HYDR when transplanting or direct contact. In addition, the tumor is transferred to spin-off the Hydra.

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