Cancer can be treated with medication for diabetics

A drug that reduces the level of glucose in the blood, has recently been proposed as a major drug in the treatment of malignant tumors, according to Medical News Today. As reported by the online publication activity notorious drugs against a variety of cancers revealed two completely independent groups of scientists with a staff of the best researchers from Canada and the USA.

Canadian researchers led by Anthony Joshua from Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, for his research took twenty-two men diagnosed with prostate cancer. Study participants were preparing for an upcoming surgery to remove the organ. Before carrying out the operation, in preparation for the procedure three times a day gave five hundred milligrams of Metformin. Patients with unfavourable diagnosis received medication, on average, for forty-one days.

Canadians were able to explore remote tumor tissue, after which they compared the data obtained with the results of all research conducted by biopsy. Group Joshua found that after treatment with a drug, the rate of growth of malignant prostate tumors decreased significantly.

In turn, scientists at the University of Maryland, located in the United States, conducted a series of successful experiments on mice, which were already predisposed to the development of hepatocellular carcinoma (the most common cancer of the liver).

The results of the experiments showed that mice that were administered the same Metformin, the number of tumors was fifty-seven per cent lower than in rodents from the control group. In addition, the size of tumors in small animals from the first group appeared to be thirty seven percent less than in mice that were not injected a drug.

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