Canadian scientists: the main time to quit Smoking

Canadian scientists have good news for all smokers of the world. They found that if a person throws in time to smoke, it is likely that his lungs will be able to return in the same condition as they were prior to the beginning area. Thus, the life expectancy of smokers reaches the same period, how many living rooms. Scientists have found that if you stop Smoking before 40 years, life expectancy does not suffer. It is believed that the life of smokers is reduced by 10 years.

Specialists have studied the national mortality rate, as well as records of national research, which was neither more nor less, these 16,000 people. Data analysis found that those people who in all his life, never smoked, live up to his eightieth birthday in 2 times more often than those who are affected by this harmful habit. In addition, scientists were able to establish that those who quit Smoking before the age of 40, extended his life for 9 years, and people who quit Smoking before age 50 years to 6 years.

Canadian scientists emphasize that the obtained results do not mean that people can smoke up to forty years, without worrying about their health and not being afraid of the possible consequences. Exposed to nicotine dependence risk in any case, and the risk that they have lung cancer continues to be relevant. But if the time to quit Smoking, harmful consequences for an organism it is possible to neutralize.

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The main idea of passing a red thread in the research of scientists from Toronto, is that it is never too late to quit. And this thought gives strength to those cost way of getting rid of nicotine addiction.

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