Canadian scientists have identified some negative consequences from the "caesarean"

Babies born by caesarean section are more likely to have their asthma and various allergies. To such conclusion scientists when they found the difference in microflora bowel "caesarean" kids, and children who were born naturally.

Canadian researchers from the University of Alberta, conducted the research, determine the results delivered by the lack of special protective bacteria in the gut microflora of children born through surgical intervention. Similar shortages of protective bacteria found in babies who are born to ate mother's milk.

The authors of the study believe that this is not the only negative consequences associated with caesarean section. Through these operations, the doctors were often saved the lives of both women and children, but in recent years women have noticed a trend to have children using this method simply because they do not want to endure childbirth pain. For example, Victoria Beckham gave birth to all her four children it is through surgical intervention. This fact has led to the fact that the British themselves it started to be called "too glamura in order to push", which in English reads: "too posh to push".

Scientists long enough to know that even the planned delivery by caesarean section is more dangerous for the kids and their moms than natural, as they are fraught with many complications. In addition, after the operation, the mother continues to find in the hospital for quite a long time, than if she gave birth to yourself. A study conducted by the Canadians, added arguments of the advocates of natural childbirth.

More recently carried out in this field, the study found that babies born through the intervention of a surgeon, a 2 times higher risk to begin to suffer from obesity in early childhood, and also the risk of their diabetes is higher than in other children.

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