Canadian scientists have found a vaccine against Alzheimer's disease

According to the staff of the University of Laval, University hospital of Quebec, as well as companies "GlaxoSmithKline", they managed to come as close as possible to the problem of Alzheimer's disease, writes The Best medical cover.

In his work on creating a vaccine against Alzheimer's, scientists were able to isolate the molecule МРL, on which was placed the bet. Tests conducted on mice, showed that the injection of this molecule every week for three months destroys almost 80 percent of the plaques, dangerous for the brain. It is because of them is the development of the disease.

Additional research, the aim of which was to assess the cognitive abilities of mice, and their ability to learn, revealed that mice showed positive results in both areas, thanks to the injection.

According to scientists, the vaccine is already suffering from Alzheimer's disease people intramuscularly will slow down the process of development of the disease.

As commented Dr. Serge Rivest, this vaccine will be one of the ways to prevent the disease. Above it started working 10 years ago, and only today, scientists have managed to make a breakthrough in this field.

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