Canadian scientists have developed a new method of treatment of amblyopia

Canadian scientists have determined that the child can be cured from amblyopia, if you keep it in for 10 days in complete darkness. To this opinion they came after a series of experiments on kittens.

Under amblyopia means of eye disease, in which a man loses his eyesight due to destruction of some departments in the brain. People this disease is called "lazy eye". This disease affected every 25th child. Due to breaking the link between the brain and the visual organs, which occurs due to damage to certain areas of the brain, the child begins to see one eye better than the second, which leads to an incorrect estimate of the distance.

In the case of late intervention, the disease leads to partial loss of vision. The most popular and effective method of treatment at the moment is wearing bandages, but for children it is not particularly suitable, as they become the "black sheep" among peers, which leads to mock them. In addition, this method does not guarantee 100% result.

Scientists from Dalhousie University in Canada has developed a new method of treatment of amblyopia. They propose to leave the child for ten days in total darkness. Studies have shown the effectiveness of this method, despite the fact that they were conducted on the kittens. A positive effect was very quick, and the kittens returned to normal vision.

The experiment consisted in the fact that the kittens were placed in a room with no Windows. This room, in turn, was placed in the room a little more, and that even in one room. The principle was similar to the dolls. This was done in order was achieved darkness. After one week "lazy eye" began to see not worse than healthy.

The only thing that worries scientists is the fact that not many kids will want to stay for 10 days in total darkness. And putting on bandages inefficient as a method of treatment requires complete darkness, for both eyes.

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