Canadian scientists have developed a device that can print human skin

Canadian doctors headed by the student Lian Ling has prepared a real breakthrough in the field of transplantation. The new discovery will ease the suffering of those seriously injured from burns people and improve their quality of life.

This know-how will remind the printer, but printing it will not paper, and human skin. This will be necessary only one cell from the body of the patient. Grown using the device the fabric is like a soft sheet and will consist of, as already noted, the cells and polysaccharide.

Scientists say that it will also be possible to carry out the adjustment of the thickness, texture and shape of the skin. They boldly stated that using this technology will be created identical bodies.

This is a truly revolutionary discovery will save many lives, as the skin grown from their own cells, it would be better to settle down, and the price of the surgery for transplantation artificial leather will cost much cheaper than surgery transplant own skin of the patient.

In the near future doctors intend to test the device on a human skin.

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