Canadian scientists doubt the effectiveness of mammography

Canadian scientists have questioned the effectiveness of mammography in diagnosis of breast cancer. Today the method is effective and fastest way of finding tumors in the mammary glands, according to ABC News. In the study, researchers surveyed nearly 90 thousand women and watched them for 25 years. It was found that mortality rates in surveyed and unsurveyed women from breast cancer were the same.

Study author Anthony Miller is convinced that cancer is well treated even without his identification during mammography. Still amazing the percentage of false diagnoses. The third set of carcinomas actually have little in common with malignant tumor.

Scientists complain about the increased sensitivity of modern equipment for diagnostics of cancer of the breast. The device sees any changes and displays them in the results. However, this sensitivity allows to detect the disease earlier and easier diagnosis, reducing mortality.

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Note that experts from Switzerland, previously suggested to stop mammography screening.

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