Canadian scientists are gaining a group of volunteers to eating your own snot

Canadian scientists consider picking his nose is not so unsightly habit. They believe that picking one's nose, the man strengthens your immune system. This opinion came a group of scientists from the canadian University of Saskatchewan under the direction of Professor Scott Napier. At this stage, the experts recruited from the students of a group of volunteers who would be willing to mess about with your fingers in noses. For the purposes of the experiment, the volunteers even I have to eat found in the nose "minerals". That's exactly what young children.

According to the Professor, eating snot, or as they are referred to simply as "bugs" that people put in your body a small amount of harmful microorganisms. Learning to fight with a small number of harmful microbes, immunity will not be difficult to deal with them in the future, if they will come in large quantities.

The theory of the canadian scientist is based on the hypothesis that sharply increased in recent years a number of autoimmune diseases associated with the increased requirements and the number of hygiene that you simply deprive the body to create its own protection to combat the bacteria, thereby weakening his immune system. Supporters of this postulate even advise often allow their children to play in the mud and not get out of the apartment in order to provide full contact with the microbe from an early age and to strengthen their immunity.

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His experiment Napier tries to identify the response of the immune system students on previously unknown and new habit. It remains the case only for small: to find as many volunteers who will agree to eat their snot in a long time, even in the interests of science.

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