Canadian experts have revealed the daily rate of consumption of milk

Doctors of the hospital of St. Michael, which is located in the canadian city of Toronto, in the result of his own research revealed that children aged two to five years every day should drink half a liter of cow's milk.

This study was conducted at the initiative of the pediatrician of the above-mentioned hospital of Jonathan Magera, who along with his colleagues conducted a study among 1311 children. It was found that the consumption of milk in small amounts can lead to reduced amounts of vitamin D in the body. The main thing is not to overdo it because too much milk will lead to a decline in the rate of iron in the blood.

Some experts have already questioned revealed normal consumption of milk. In their opinion, it is better to bring the number up to one liter of milk per day, explaining his proposal, because in this case the child will be strong bones. There are also opponents of this theory, which fear that a liter of milk a day can lead to iron deficiency in the body, and that, in turn, will lead to anemia.

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Iron deficiency in the body affects a child's mental abilities, and he becomes more tired, his immune system is weakened, and the thyroid gland begins to produce less hormones.

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