Can Wi-Fi be harmful to sperm

Recently conducted a laboratory study showed that Wi-Fi can harm the sperm, reducing their activity.

This study has caused an information wave in the society as a Wi-Fi signal is seen as weak and not able to provide the harm. This safety is under many state agencies in Europe and America.

However, the radiation is, and it is absorbed by the body, tissues, cells.

Expert in reproductive health from the University of Sheffield, Dr. Allan L. Paisey, said: "the Study was conducted flawlessly, but we should be careful about conclusions about fertility men who regularly use a laptop with a connected Wi-Fi network. This study took place in laboratory conditions and is not clinical".

"Spermatozoa were studied outside the human body, while in the body they are under the protection of the fluids and tissues. Therefore, we cannot say that Wi-Fi network and the laptop can affect the reproductive function of men," added Dr. Allan Paisey.

But still, while will be held clinical research in this direction, the worth of oneself and not to use the laptop on your lap for four hours.

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"We know exactly what the "heating" of the testicles fan laptop negatively affects sperm quality. In addition, there are funny cases associated with the use of a laptop on his knees. The last such incident led to the burn of the penis, as a result of ignition computer other," said Alan Paisey.

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