Can I drink coffee during pregnancy?

Very often you can hear that during pregnancy there are many limitations. Of course, pregnant a lot, but everything has to be a measure. However, there are some foods to eat which is highly undesirable. Recently, researchers conducted a study that attempted to establish the relationship between the consumption of coffee during pregnancy and the possibility of development of leukemia (blood cancer) at her newborn baby.

The goal of the scientists was to identify the link between drinking coffee and change the DNA of the child, which leads to leukemia. This study is important because it can give expectant mothers useful information.

Although this study found no clear relationship between coffee and leukemia in infants, scientists managed to prove that the excessive consumption of coffee and the emergence of maternal infection, there is a risk of leukemia in a child

Why should you give up coffee for pregnant women?1. The child may develop diabetes if the mother is abusing caffeine.2. Coffee, chocolate and Cola kill the appetite. Therefore, they can replace more healthy foods.

Caffeine prevents:- the conception of a child, a girl abusing coffee, can't get pregnant;- timely delivery, the girl can carry a child; normal weight, the child may not be up to the weight.

And if a little bit?

Scientists have identified a harmless normal coffee for pregnant woman it is no more than three cups a day. But this provision is conditional, and everything will depend on the mass of the objective and subjective circumstances. For example, if a pregnant woman is prone to pressure, pregnancy she must exclude any amount of coffee, as it has one Cup can cause a sudden pressure surge. If, on the contrary, the future mother has low blood pressure, a couple of cups of cocoa or coffee will help her feel better. Remember that it is better to give preference to natural coffee or capsule nespresso coffee.

You should also consider the fact that caffeine may simply stimulate the nervous system, and then the emotions can go overboard. And pregnant women are frequent mood swings, from joyful emotions to anger, and Vice versa. And racing mood will be harmful to an unborn baby.

So the most sensible solution is to appeal to the doctor. And if the doctor says that you should not drink more than one Cup of coffee per week, it means that such a rule will be safe for your health and the health of the unborn child.

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