Can I do sports during menstruation? – experts answer

Researchers from Gothenburg University have tried to understand whether it is possible to do sports during menstruation. As it turned out, the special restrictions on physical activity during menstruation, no.

Sport is particularly effective in the first two weeks after menstruation. At this time, physical activity can be slightly raised. In the next half of the menstrual cycle the intensity of sports activities should be slightly reduced.

Experts believe that the beginning period is not a contraindication to sports. We just need to listen to your body and not to overwork himself. Moderately intense exercise will only improve the metabolic processes in the body during menstruation.

In another study scientists have proved that sports not only improves physical performance and strengthens muscles. Charging a daily or regular trips to the gym can improve your mood and save you from depression. Moreover, sport improves the health of the skin.

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