Camels will give insulin milk

Scientists from Dubai reproduction center believe that camel milk soon you will be able to create drugs. They have already begun to generate transgenic embryos camels, and therefore soon the milk of these animals can be enriched with various proteins of therapeutic character.

Camels are well known in Asian countries for its unique ability to adapt to the hardships of the environment, they are extremely resistant to diseases, because the camel is the most valuable animal for peoples living in the deserts. Soon the scientists hope that the camels will be able not only to help people in work, but also become a source of cheap drugs.

They are going to implant the female camel transgenic embryos carrying similar to human genes. But in order to increase the amount of milk, scientists are going to plant in embryos genes cows.

It is known that an important therapeutic proteins such as insulin, produced in the laboratory of bacterial cultures, if more erudite will be able to create the camel with the composition of the milk, can give a person on insulin, this medicine will be available to any person in the world.

To start treatment camel milk, the researchers took five years, they have already calculated all possible complications and believe that transgenic camels is a matter of technique. In the future they are going to use created in this way camels also to grow transplant organs for humans.

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