Calcium is dangerous for the heart, scientists warn

You should limit the intake of calcium with supplements, warn experts from the Johns Hopkins University. They found that excess calcium in the human body leads to the formation on the vessel wall plaques. The result is an additional risk of a heart attack. With all this, scientists say that calcium from natural products useful and necessary to the body.

In total, the study involved 2700 people aged 45 to 84 years. Volunteers were subjected to examination and to compare the obtained data with the frequency of consumption of foods rich in calcium.

It turned out that supplementation with calcium significantly impairs the quality of vessels approaching the heart. This effect the use of conventional products have been identified.

Special attention is given to the scientists suggest the intake of vitamin D. this should be made only if identified on examination deficiency. This substance enhances the absorption of calcium. When an excess of vitamin D supplemental doses only worsen the feeling.

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