Caffeine promotes female infertility

Caffeine reduces muscle activity in the fallopian tubes that carry eggs from the ovaries to the womb of the woman, to the conclusion Professor of physiology and cell biology Sean ward from the University of Nevada.

The scientist conducted experiments on mice, but it is likely his experiments also explain why drinking caffeinated drinks can reduce the chances of women getting pregnant.

Eggs microscopically small that a woman successfully became pregnant, they should get into the woman's uterus. Currently, knowledge about the movement of yaitsekletok tubal ligation scientists are not complete, it is considered that the cilia - tiny voloshinovskii ledges, help with muscle to move the tube.

RBM studied pipe mice and found that caffeine stops the action of specialized cells in the walls of the pipe, these cells are responsible for the reduction. So when the egg appears, she can't move down the pipe. Muscle contractions play a much greater role than using cilia in promoting eggs.

This partly explains the fact that women with high caffeine consumption need more time to get pregnant, compared to not using it. Thus, the scientist could potentially help women who are trying to become pregnant.

It is worth noting that the jam of the egg in the fallopian tube of the woman leads to ectopic pregnancy, dangerous and painful abnormal pregnancy.

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