Caffeine is much more dangerous than people could imagine

Most people start their new day, drinking a Cup of coffee in the morning. But according to the latest research results, it is possible to do not all. It has already been shown that a Cup of coffee a day can cause heart problems. And to cause tachycardia can and drink containing caffeine, because even with the removal of this substance in coffee beans is still almost 2 percent.

A condition in which the heart beats irregularly, called atrial fibrillation. It is the first risk factor for stroke and heart attack. Caffeine is the reason that causes this irregular heartbeat, although the interconnectedness between them has not been settled. People who have a similar heart problems, should refrain from coffee, tea and soft drinks.

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Besides the fact that caffeine increases the number of heart beats per minute, it also stimulates the nervous system, which triggers the release of adrenaline into the blood. Plus, the caffeine can have a limiting effect on the coronary vessels, which increases blood pressure. And that's not all: caffeine can also cause migraines, blocking and expanding the arteries, thereby causing an excessive rush of blood to the brain, which can head ache.

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