Caffeine increases the risk of incontinence in men

The results of researches of the American scientists indicates that drinking coffee men can lead to such unpleasant disease, such as incontinence or, as it is called, enuresis. Two cups of coffee a day could be so unpleasant result.

The study showed that caffeine, which in this case is an irritant to the bladder, which further exacerbates the problem of incontinence. The study found that those people who drink just water, a similar issue is not affected. It turns out that it's not the amount consumed, and in what kind of drink was drunk.

The study results were published in the pages of the journal of Urology. Previously, scientists have analyzed the facts of the occurrence of enuresis in women with drinking coffee. But in the previous study the link between caffeine and urinary incontinence in men have not been identified.

New research in this area was a survey conducted among 4,000 men who have this problem. Scientists have studied the number of occurrence of enuresis among men, and then interviewed them in order to find out what men drank just water or coffee.

The results showed that on average, men consumed 169 milligrams of caffeine per day, while one Cup of coffee contains 125 milligrams. In 13 percent were found to urinary incontinence in various forms, of which 4.5% were characterized as moderate and severe. The scientists took into account many risk factors, including age men. In the end, the results of the study showed that 234 milligrams of caffeine per day increase the risk of urinary incontinence in men by 72 percent. And if you eat 392 milligrams of coffee, then the risk of enuresis in severe form was doubled.

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In that case, if men were drinking just water, nothing like they were observed.

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