Caffeine improves memory - study

A group of scientists from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, headed by Michael Assam conducted a study which found that caffeine provides the energizing effects not only on the physical form of man, but also on the processes associated with memory.

It turned out that caffeine solves the problem of constant forgetfulness on the whole day. The data were confirmed in the study. At the first stage, participants were asked to view different pictures. Next, one group consumed a tablet with a real caffeine, and the other received placebo.

After 24 hours, the volunteers were again shown the pictures and asked which ones they remembered. It turned out that the people from the first group were better able to cope with the task. They guessed 30% more pictures. Matter lies in the activating effect of caffeine, scientists believe.

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The caffeine in the morning helps to find the strength to start working, it enhances thinking processes and improves memory. However, this substance has not the most pleasant effect on the heart and blood vessels. Coffee and drinks that contain caffeine are dangerous for people with hypertension and vascular disease.

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