Caffeine does not affect the sugary beverages increase risk of diabetes

According to a new American study from sugary drinks increases the risk of developing diabetes. In addition, the results became known role of caffeine in the process: he contributes to this or delays?

The observation, which was attended by 100 thousand people and held for 22 years, showed that those who drank sugary drinks, the risk of diabetes was increased by 23% in comparison with neupotrebleniya them. The risk assessment has remained almost the same, regardless of the content in the drink caffeine. The use of participants in both regular and decaffeinated coffee, gave some reduction in the risk of developing the disease.

According to Frank Hugh of Harvard University, it became clear that the presence of caffeine has no effect. The positive role of coffee is not questioned, but caffeine seems to be missing both positive and negative effects against the development of diabetes.

Many previous studies were conducted on the topic of sugary carbonated drinks. According to scientists, is connected with them an increased risk of diabetes refers to as the drinks on the basis of sugar and artificial sweeteners. Also have the property of caffeine to provide a temporary reduction in the efficiency of absorption of sugar by the body. This explains the fact that caffeine contributes to the aggravation of the disease. However, in accordance with the results of other studies, the caffeine effect is the opposite, showing a protective effect of tea and coffee.

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