Caesarean section may lead to obesity in a child

In recent years more and more women resort to caesarean section at delivery without mandatory health indicators. However, American scientists claim that the potential risks of a caesarean section for a child yet not minimum, it significantly increases the risk that the child will develop obesity.

Scientists led by Dr. Suzanne Ha from Boston children's hospital examined the state of health of children from birth to three age groups of women. From 1255 children participating in the study, a quarter were born by caesarean section. It turned out that children born to light in a natural way, the incidence of obesity is twice lower than the "Caesar". That is, 7.5 and 15.7 percent.

Mothers who want to ease childbirth, you should think about the future of their children and to make a little effort for the sake of their health. It was found that those born by caesarean children on average had a higher BMI, pleats at the shoulders and back they were thicker than normal.

It is worth noting that the regularities that women have more section. However, obesity is associated not so much with heredity, but with the fact that with the passage of the child by the birth of channels is formed finally, the intestinal microflora of the child, which does not happen during surgery.

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