Cadmium induces the development of fatal liver disease

From a chemical point of view cadmium is a rare item. Modern technological advances have made the use of cadmium is widely used in industry, and pollution of them the environment can cause dangerous liver disease. Even 20-30 years ago, the negative effect of cadmium on the human body was due to Smoking, because the smoke from tobacco contains both the metal and its oxides. In addition, the cadmium is highly toxic, and he is also a carcinogen.

American specialists from the medical College of the University. Johns Hopkins found that in the organism of inhabitants of large cities in developed countries, the content of the toxic metal is greater than all the norms, which in turn increases the risk of developing deadly diseases of the liver. The researchers observed the state of health of 13 thousands of U.S. adults over five years. The result became known, that those people, in the body which the content of cadmium exceeds the norm, in 3 and a half times more likely to die from liver disease than people who have the content of the above metal in the blood and urine was low. It should also be noted that men with the accumulation of cadmium in the body imposes a heavier footprint than women.

According to study leader Professor Omar Haider, science much is known about the negative impact of such heavy metals as lead and mercury, but the influence of cadmium on the body is still largely remain a mystery. According to the scientist, cadmium is found not only in tobacco smoke, but in the exhausts of cars. In addition, millions of tons of cadmium are currently in landfills because it is being used in the production of paints, batteries and semiconductors.

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