Cabbage will help in the fight against cancer

Specialists of America have found a substance that increases the effectiveness in the treatment of cancer.

They were diindolylmethane (HOUSE). The connection is abundant in cabbage, which is available in most countries. The first tests conrmed scientists: diindolylmethane protects against anemia, a reduced level of platelets and leukocytes resulting from radiation therapy.

The scientists ' conclusions are logical. Reception of diindolylmethane during chemotherapy is justified. The HOUSE has a protective and strengthening effect on the hematopoietic system of the body. Prevention of anaemia and reduction of the total number of cellular elements in the blood is an extremely important component in the treatment of radioactive radiation.

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Cancer treatment is not only deliverance from the tumor, but also the additional stress on the body, leading to side effects from treatment. Diindolylmethane should partially help to cope with this problem.

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