C what is a headache in the forehead

You will hardly find at least one person on earth who is not familiar with the frustrating symptoms of headache. Discomfort of varying severity can be localized at the temples, neck, eyes, forehead. Headache in the forehead meets enough often. You should not diminish its value, because it may indicate the presence of various diseases or their precursors.1. The pain caused by fatigue and mental stress. Pain pressing, arching nature, in addition to the forehead, apply to temples and nape, capturing the eyes and neck. Often accompanied by nausea, dizziness and anxiety. Reason: the strong muscles of the head and neck caused by stress. To cope with the increased frequency of these States, which are based on psychological problems, is possible only with the help of a psychologist or psychotherapist.2. Pain due to sinusitis or sinusitis. The presence of such distinct symptoms as difficulty of nasal breathing, impaired sense of smell, photophobia, nasal discharge, fever, and watery eyes in combination with frontal headache will allow the audiologist to put a diagnosis and prescribe treatment.3. Pain, caused by increased intracranial pressure. At risk on such a headache people with low or high blood pressure. On this basis, the prescription for this category of patients is particularly important.4. The pain associated with migraine. Unexpected, throbbing pain of high intensity, usually with one hand to his temple and forehead, accompanied by vomiting or nausea. Patients knowing about such attacks must be within reach of special medications.5. The pain caused by neuritis or neuralgia. Pain attack is complicated by the redness of the forehead and eyes. Hope for a positive outcome of the disease without intervention neurologist, not worth it.6. Pain, caused by infectious disease. Headache in the forehead, accompanied by fever, weakness and muscle aches, is a symptom of intoxication. Depending on the nature of the disease (influenza, meningitis, malaria, typhoid fever) treatment will require specific. General recommendations: bed rest, drinking plenty of fluids. The reason for this kind of headache can also be allergies, dental disease. In any case, if unpleasant symptoms have become stable, immediately consult a medical profile.

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