By the end of the 21st century one billion people will die from Smoking effects

Smoking, despite all the efforts already made, remains one of the most harmful habits that have found mass distribution around the globe. In the 20th century from the effects of Smoking died 100 million people. By the end of the 21st century scientists predicts an increase of 10 times The New Daily.

In developed countries the government has limited the rights of smokers. The price of cigarettes constantly increasing, and places where Smoking is permitted is getting smaller. In India, China, Vietnam and Indonesia with a permanent population increase of smokers from year to year is becoming more. According to statistics, 70% of smokers die from the effects of Smoking and not other diseases. Abandoning bad habits, say doctors, can significantly increase the life expectancy in all countries and to save a billion people from "nicotine death".

Draw attention and financial injections from health. In the U.S. alone every year out of 180 billion dollars for the treatment of diseases associated with Smoking tobacco. Year investment is required.

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