By 2050, people aged under 80 children die from cancer

Scientists from the UK (University College London) in the framework of recent studies have predicted a decline in cancer incidence and fatal accidents. By 2050, the risk of dying from cancer will be minimal to the most recent years. Note, this trend is now.

Cancer mortality since 1990 has decreased by 20%. For the most part, this is due to the development of modern medicines and methods of diagnosis of the disease. Doctors and patients began to pay more attention to the prevention of cancer.

Doctors advise to take 75 mg of aspirin daily to all people after 50 years. Aspirin in low doses is useful for blood circulation. In addition, it reduces the likelihood of developing cancer.

The debate about the benefits and harms of aspirin are to this day. It is proved that the medicine causing stomach ulcers. However, one death caused by aspirin, scientists register 17 patients who were saved by this drug.

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