By 2030, Russia will face an epidemic of female obesity

Russia over the last decade has moved from 19th to 4th place among the countries with the highest rate of obesity in women. Given that excess weight not only reduces the quality of human life, but also affect the reproductive function, the situation with obesity in the country is acute.

One in five children and one in four women in our country is of clinical obesity. Interestingly, men with overweight in Russia is significantly less at 16%. The number of people with obesity is growing every year. It is likely that in a decade we will arrive on indicators to UK, USA, Mexico.

Scientists blamed the growth of obesity on genetic predisposition and the proliferation of harmful food. The lack of time and desire to cook healthy food leads to accumulation of extra pounds. People cease to devote time to their physical form, preferring static entertainment. It also affects the health of the residents of large cities.

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