By 2030, half of the U.S. population will be affected by obesity

By 2030, obesity will suffer every second American adults, these conclusions reached by scientists from Columbia University in new York.

Based on current trends 51 percent of American men and 52 percent of women in 2030 will have a body mass index of 30 or more, that is, the number of patients with obesity will increase by 65 million people that will be worth to significant health costs.

Twenty-four million people of 65 will be older than 60 years. In 2008 obesity suffered about 32 percent of the U.S. adult population. Britain has already started the outburst of the disease, the percentage suffering from overweight has grown to 48 percent with 26 men and up to 43 percent with 26 women. By 2030 among Britons will be 11 million patients with obesity.

Klim McPherson, Oxford University notes that the increase in the percentage of the population overweight will lead to additional costs for treatment of diabetes, cancer, heart disease and strokes. In General, medical expenses according to experts, will increase by $ 66 billion in the U.S. and over 2 billion pounds in the UK.

Policy assistance to maintain a healthy weight among the population looks like in the light of these prospects are very favorable economic investment. In many countries, the fight against obesity ranges from two to six percent of health expenditures, largely ahead of the forces sent to fight against Smoking.

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